Lagos Social Clubs should return tax payers monies.

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Governor Akinwunmi Ambode recently donated hundreds of millions of Naira to some elite social clubs in Lagos. These are associations of affluent men and women who have come together to make an arrangement for relaxation and leisure. 

Even if the Government does not see anything wrong with this, our erudite private sector professionals should know that it is morally wrong for Government to give taxpayers' money to private leisure clubs at a time that millions are going to bed hungry with no proper education or health care to receive. Public schools and hospitals are in dire straits and urgent need of government intervention. 

These clubs should be investing in the masses and not the masses investing in them. They should therefore do the honourable thing by thanking the Governor for his kind gesture and returning the money. Better still they should choose a public school or hospital to which they will donate every single Kobo of those monies by way of infrastructural evelopment for them.