Demand that officers Josh Saxton, Nicholas Klimek and Victor Sikorski of LPD be terminated

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On May 9th, 2020, Lafayette police officers Josh Saxton, Nicholas Klimek and Victor Sikorski deployed a K9 and allowed it to attack an already subdued suspect's neck for 30 whole seconds. While the man was already detained face-down, not one of the aforementioned officers stopped the K9 from puncturing his trachea, cutting his carotid artery, damaging the tissue in his neck, injuring his shoulder and breaking his finger while police handcuffed him. Rather than any of the 3 officers being suspended or reprimanded in any form, one of these officers, Saxton, has since received a promotion to Sergeant. Please sign this petition to demand that LPD terminate these officers immediately. 

We must demand accountability and call LPD out on its complicity in covering up and defending this egregious attack and display of police brutality. Every day that these individuals are able to keep their badges is another day that the public's safety is put at risk.