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Make Public School Fee-Free

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While public schools are government funded, there are still unnecessary fees that send parents and their children immense stress and anxiety in the upcoming school years. Children in school are unable to receive the textbooks or workbooks required to succeed in class, because they didn't acquire the funding to pay the fee. Students that plan on going to college are unable to take advanced placement and dual enrolled classes because of the insane, costly tests and materials for the class. In most schools, you can't even walk across a stage and obtain your diploma if your school fees aren't paid. Every single penny paid in taxes goes to the government, but there is still more money to be handed over. What about the homeless children? The orphans? How do they pay their fees? About twenty percent of the student population lives in poverty, and the schools allow for free lunch for them, like that's all that matters at school. Taking one step inside a classroom costs that can go towards a dinner meal, not a PowerPoint lesson. It's time to make public school actually free. No tuition, no fees, only cost-less education. 

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