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N. Ross started this petition to Lafayette Parish Council and

We request the Lafayette Council to address our concerns budgetary with these solutions:
- Stop all proposed activities to build a maximum-security jail on the northside of Lafayette.
- Restore all cuts made by the Josh Guillory administration.
- Increase safe, sanitary, and secure housing.
- Increase funding for Police Chief Glover for Community Policing / mobile command center.
- Increase funding for the Arts.
- Restore youth programs and summer camps.
- Provide Broadband internet / fiber to all the city of Lafayette residents
- Informing the people with the financial information on the following not with information provided by the city of Lafayette financial / legal department:
- Increase Covid Healthcare / Prevention

Council please understand: Proposed by the administration, Decided by the Council.


 -----Additional Information Below------

1. The Nationally recognized Recreation Centers on the Northside are still not fully operational, public-private partnership is not in our best interest.

2. This administration is against affordable housing in the city of Lafayette. Mayor Josh Guillory did not support the housing development at the Four Corners and have reduced funding for Affordable Housing.

3. Geaux Moe is a substandard contractor not taking care of our parks.

4. Environmental Quality positions not filled to address environmental issues mostly on the Northside of Lafayette.

5. The elimination of the Department of Community Development.  This department has the historical expertise to address issues in economically distressed neighborhoods and the Northside of Lafayette.  The merger of Community Development into the Department of Planning, Zoning, and Codes will further reduce the mission and service of local government to the people who need it most.  The empathy necessary to address people from diverse backgrounds and unique needs from citizens who need services the most are in jeopardy.

6.  The expenditures of over 80 million dollars from the BIDEN administration are not being recommended to be expended equally for all departments. Josh Guillory proposed slight the Northside of Lafayette, no sidewalks, no derby Heights drainage improvements, no Walker Rd. drainage improvement, no N. Louisiana Ave. extension, no housing, no Quality of Life progression, no city of Lafayette mobile unit to help with community policing, no economic development initiative to help small and emerging businesses.

7. Recreation and Parks are in trouble. It is being redefined with a conservative Republican taint.  Government employees who pledge allegiance to a person, Josh Guillory, have a job to do that may not align with what the community wants for the department. 

8. The department of Community Development is abolished and folded into the department of Planning Zoning and Codes.  That is to maintain the current Stand-Alone department in the City of Lafayette. The council can correct this gross error they made by not responding to Josh Guillory recommendations on the budget

9.  That the 80 plus millions sent to LCG is allocated fairly and equally, and equitably. to the citizens of the city of Lafayette and the Northside is not excluded and targeted for cuts.  Cuts already made be put back.  Recreation Centers/Museums/Arts/ Housing Money/Nature Trail/City Run Summer Camps/Employees Strength be put back to pre-covid levels. Now that Josh Guillory has made his recommendation, will the council stand up and fund their projects or will they sit and concur.

Dr. King said “It is not the words of my enemies that I am worried about, but the silence of my friends”.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!