LadyPopular, fix the way we earn and win competitions

LadyPopular, fix the way we earn and win competitions

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Anonymous D started this petition to Lady Popular

The new update is acceptable and there's good potential behind it.
But did they calculate prices, outcome, competitions? NO.

Lets start part by part:
Cash, Ok there's acceptable methods to earn cash, but this is for your personal use. there's 6 new club skills and they cost huge fortune, not even 30m cash enough to raise them, how will you earn enough for your own personal use and for your club?! 

Emeralds, The only way to actually earn emerald, 100% granted not by counting on luck is arena dueling. arena dueling gives you 1 emeralds only.
dust needs 10 and it just gives 1 emerald at end.

Lets calculate:
You can earn around 100-150 emeralds/day, around 840-1100 less or more at end of week.

  • 1 new collection, 3 boutique. 4869 emeralds/week less or more depending on how much you want to spend and how many collections. 
  • New events will cost emeralds, which means you can add around 140-500 emeralds, or I think maybe even 3-10k.
  • For those planning parties, parties tasks costs emeralds only unlike before some tasks costed cash, so in total it may cost 10k emeralds? I imagine more, don't forget you may like to buy all pieces from lady, fiance since they give FP and you cannot access anymore once you finish planning, also some enjoy buying all decoration even if we will not have as it gives FP and nice party decoration.

So I believe 840-1100 emeralds/week is not enough.

Diamonds, Of course you must buy, its exclusive, but there was good amount for those who cannot afford, we did well earning 1 every 8 hours. But now 1 every 24 is not enough espcially since we have more than before to spend on.

  • Total cost of collection 556 less or more, you have 3 in boutique and 1 new collection, x2-4=1112-2224.
  • Total cost of events used to be 250-3k. its said there will be new events system it may make this price far more than double or trice.

Of course as free player you cannot expect to get everything with diamonds, but lets say you will be very careful and spend on what you actually want, so now you need at least 100-300 unlike before saving up 20-100 was enough to have some new collection pieces and few things on events.

- They did implant 1 diamond in lucky cards, but it is called lucky cards, you cannot win that 1 everyday or even every week.  
- And of course you may not be lucky to win every week in the new competitions, also diamonds rewards are for high levels, so low levels cannot earn it and I believe they cannot expect all members to level up super fast and stack up on high levels only, that will be messy and new members will not have that many at their level. 
- Or the wheel since it is also random.

all the prizes dont worth the hard work and are not enough to compensate the new high prices. Maybe 5-20 diamonds are awesome but you cannot win that every week.

Second, I'm competing with random people not from my own level, while it may be good to avoid strongest ladies always winning every time but low levels are usually leveling up faster and having energy refill, look at this for example,she may have bought energy packs as well but she has also leveled up on same day img 

I think it may be fair to make it daily, and the winner cannot win once more during same month. giving chance to others, so in this case competiting at random with any level will be almost fair and acceptable. 

beauty peagnant:

  • No one follows theme, only few does.
  • No one will ever judge fairly, there's reasons for that, either they dont bother, dont have time, laggy. Excuse us we have real life its hard to judge whole day. 
  • With 1 and 2 the results are never fair.

So please fix those prices. we want to support your beautiful artist work and even your technical staff hard work on this huge update, there's few simple things that may fix this update.

For example but do not count on those, there's more ideas, whichever best for game:
- New FTV system, new photosession and super model system unlike before with new rewards.

- Return earning emeralds from parties, it can be few emeralds 50-100.

- Allow us to at least choose weak, equel, strong in arena with different rewards. but comeptition result remain same 1 win count as 1 win, after all even if you choose weak but have bad popularity stats/club stats you may still lose.

- Add diamond dust or few options to earn some diamonds, good amount to keep game balanced and enough for free players to enjoy few things, we do not mean giving everything for free, just few pieces to enjoy.

- Keep game balanced reculate averge spending and how much we earn and according to, fix events, collections and parties prices. 

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