Ladoga, IN AT&T Upgrade Town Lines

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AT&T already knows the bottom line to all our internet problems and has yet to take action on it. AT&T has not upgraded our town lines since before the 80’s and they knowingly admit it. All the technicians and customer service representative’s I have been in contact with have been professional and nice but they only can do so much, this is above them . We continue to have bad service, calling in, explaining ourselves over and over, taking time off of work for a technician appointment, ECT. It’s 2018: a time where internet is needed. Some of us have careers that require conference calls, furthering your own business, working from home; children that use e-learning for homework or research, connecting with family members, and entertainment purposes: the list could go on and on. As you know just running one of these websites/apps requires more then what AT&T provides to us at times. If your internet is working please help us out anyway it’s for the town as a whole. We pay for product that we do not receive consistently and AT&T just fixes the situation as a temporary bandage. We need Ladoga Updated.  Such a cute town with charm. Everyone I’ve met is proud of this town please help us hold AT&T accountable for what we deserve. They should service us like they service Noblesville, Brownsburg, and Zionsville. Even though the 70’s and 80’s had great music the equipment is not sufficient anymore. Please help and sign this saying we are all in this town together asking for solid product that we pay for and have been patiently waiting to receive. If you have ever been on a video chat with a friend or family member and the internet dropped....have them sign it for us! A big company like AT&T probably will not even entertain this petition unless it’s over a certain amount of signatures. AT&T, change all our town lines to an upgraded new product that is sufficient to support our technical needs

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