Remove Mickey Landry as Choice Foundation's CEO

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We, the parents of Lafayette Academy Charter (LACS), a Choice Foundation School, demand the removal of Mickey Landry as Choice Foundation CEO. Mickey Landry has done a poor job of leading the schools under his leadership, loosing one because of low academic and test scores, another low performing school, and the strongest school able to perform with minimal to no resources while him and his board do nothing to bring in resources that would allow LACS to be even more competitive. 

LACS was honored with the Break Through Award in 2017 under the leadership of former principal, Monica Boudouin and her team. In the same year, LACS proved that with limited resources and open enrollment that has allowed for nearly 1000 kids to be warehoused at the school, construction taking place and limited computer access, that they were a force to be reckoned with by being 1 of the top 15 high performing schools on the state mandated test.

In addition to performance measurements, he terminated the school principal for unfound, unjust reasons. 

More importantly, Mr. Landry has exposed students, staff, and parents to open and active construction during school hours even after parents and staff asked him repeatedly to stop due to the iminite dangers it put everyone in, including asbestos which has recently been the findings after school superintendent sent investigators in the test the air quality and for asbestos, which was found. After which, he shut the school down.

The school is contaminated to the point that everything in the building as to be deposed of because it was exposed.

Most parents only knew about the firing of Mrs. Boudouin and the asbestos because another parent 6shared pictures via text, email, and social media. Parents were never properly informed. 

Be advised that during a recent staff meeting, educators were told by Mr. Landry not to inform parents of anything going on, living our families in a state of confusion and frustration. Mr. Landry finally posted a letter to parents on Choice Foundation's website sometime on the evening of July 17th although the letter is dated July 16th. Some parents still haven't received a direct letter from CF, keeping parents and students in limbo.

This is not students first! When in the business of caring for and guiding children so they can step into their greatness, it's to be done by leading with compassion, determination ,and know-how. To bring in those equipped to do implement the aforementioned, they have to be equipped with the aforementioned. When you can't or refuse to do that, you don't deserve to be in a role where you determine their futures, and make almost $300,000 dollars doing so when they don't even have enough computers to take the state mandated test at the same time on the same day because they have to share the few computers they do have.

Mickey Landry, his staff, and board need to be terminated and removed, and replaced with those who are prepared to serve children first and foremost, will ensure that a bar is set high and children are more than prepared to obtain it and succeed, and bring in the resources necessary to support our students and staff.

Mickey Landry's regime is over. LACS Parent Action Committee will serve as the committee to objectively seek and choose the replacement that fits our school community.