YES TO LNG: Beat Putin with "friendly hand" of Natural Gas exports.

YES TO LNG: Beat Putin with "friendly hand" of Natural Gas exports.

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JAMES MATKIN started this petition to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden

PHOTO Germany’s energy crunch is forcing it to sign fossil-fuel contracts that last decades as it balances keeping the lights on and homes heated against meeting environmental targets. 
LNG produces 40% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal and 30% less than oil, which makes it the cleanest of the fossil fuels. It does not emit soot, dust, or particulates and produces insignificant amounts of sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other compounds considered harmful to the earth's atmosphere. 








Putin is guilty of war crimes bombing hospitals and apartments in Ukraine


"Canada is the most useful 'climate idiot' in the world.

The world is in an energy/inflation crisis from the fallout of Putin's brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine, jeopardizing essential energy exports to Europe.  NATA and the West responded with sanctions against buying Russian oil, gas, and coal. The sanctions against Russia backfired on Germany and Europe the hardest because of their aggressive climate policies to abandon the development of domestic hydrocarbons.  Germany, for example, shuttered all 100 coal-fired power plants in 2019, relying on Russia and hoping subsidies for wind and solar would help. Notwithstanding massive investment in wind and solar, the intermittency of these renewables failed to cover the loss of power from hydrocarbons.

Closer to home, the administration has continued to make life difficult for US producers (either explicitly by messing with oil/gas leasing rights or, more indirectly, by repeating the mantra “the urgent need to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels”). Biden also made a big show of sticking a thumb in Canada’s energy eye on the first day in office, vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have supplied much of the oil he desperately seeks.

Canada is no better. After Germany came begging for gas, Prime Minister Trudeau sent representatives home with no LNG, no promise of LNG (there “has never been a strong business case” for east coast Canadian LNG, Trudeau said, an Ottawa-bred-and-born ‘fact’ which came as news to Canada’s entire natural gas industry), and only a pledge to deliver to Germany green hydrogen someday – 2025 Trudeau said, with the rest of the world pegging the date at somewhere between 2030 and never (Germany could produce in their backyard just as quickly without the massive transportation headaches).

Recall also that Germany’s energy crisis is happening now. It takes a special breed of trust fund baby to offer such a baffling cast-iron life vest as mythical green hydrogen to a ‘valued partner.’ German representatives smeared a pseudo-happy grin on their faces to show solidarity with a fellow climate warrior...

Due to backlash from this German begging debacle, Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland hit the stage and said some stuff that wasn’t crazy, like “LNG is an important transition fuel.” But then she threw in nuggets like, “We will always be looking at economically viable LNG projects.” Oh really? What does the government have to tell with assessing the “economic viability” of LNG projects? She makes it sound like the government is helping steer essential tasks that are economical but need a little help.

Germany, within a month, signed a 20-year LNG supply deal with Mexico. That deal translates from German as"&%$#@ you, Canada."

Last week, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz flew to Canada to beg Trudeau to export more natural gas to Europe. "As Germany is moving away from Russian energy at warp speed, Canada is our partner of choice," said Scholz in Toronto. "For now, this means increasing our LNG imports. We hope that Canadian LNG will play a major role in this."

Why did Trudeau and Biden tell Europe to drop dead?

But Trudeau rejected the idea, saying “there has never been a strong business case” for sending Canadian LNG to Europe. By contrast, he said, Canada has a strong business case to produce and export hydrogen gas to Germany. "German companies are already signing deals to buy made-in-Canada hydrogen," Trudeau said. "There is no doubt the demand is there."

Trudeau’s claims were ridiculous. Hydrogen (H2) accounts for less than 2% of Europe’s energy consumption, and 96% is made from natural gas (CH4). By contrast, Europe is facing energy, electricity, and fertilizer shortages due to the scarcity and high price of natural gas, which is 24% of the EU’s energy mix and essential to European industries.

As for the business case, all one needs to know is that the price of natural gas in Europe is an astonishing 18 times higher than in Canada ($90/MMBtu vs. $5/MMBtu).

“Canada just missed one of the greatest opportunities in its history,” wrote the business columnist for Canada’s National Post, Tristan Hopper. “Canada could be helping to deal a body blow to Russian hegemony over Western European energy. Instead, on both fronts, Ottawa appears content to watch from the sidelines.”

The U.S. and Canada are indeed producing more natural gas than ever. The U.S. is the largest LNG exporter in the world. US natural gas production will increase from 95.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in October 2021 to 97.5 Bcf/d by December 2022, a record high. U.S. exports increased by 12% in the first half of 2022. Canada will likely see its natural gas production increase by 7% and exports by 10% in 2022.

But those increases were underway before Biden took office and are a tiny fraction of what either nation could produce. The largest US natural gas producer, EQT, calculates that the US can quickly have four times more LNG, 569 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year. To put that number in perspective, Germany imported a total of 142 Bcm of nat gas in 2021, while the EU consumed a capacity of 412 Bcm (14.5 Trillion cubic feet) in 2021. The US finished 30 Trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas in 2021.

Why aren’t the U.S. and Canada massively ramping up natural gas and oil production to aid our allies? Why are Biden and Trudeau effectively telling Europe to drop dead?

Moving forward, Canada’s glaring inability to export natural gas should be a wake-up call for governments across the country to ease regulations for energy infrastructure projects. By missing an opportunity to export natural gas to Europe (and Asia), we’re missing a chance to benefit Canadians, our allies, and the environment.

Putin has said the situation today is self-inflicted harm.  We are "useful Climate idiots," according to Putin, and the energy inflation crisis is self-inflicted because “while standing on their self-perceived high moral ground, make idiotic decisions that benefit Russia and unwittingly undermine themselves.” 

Abandoning hydrocarbons in favor of dependence on Russia and unreliable renewables is undoubtedly foolish.

In particular, failing to see the business case for more Liquid Natural Gas  LGN production in Canada is folly. It "works against reducing ‘greenhouse gas emissions, promotes air pollution and undercuts Canada’s prosperity.  We are useful idiots on a global scale, according to recent energy critics. "Ron Barmby. 

LNG liquid natural gas is like a miracle fuel, and more will save lives and assure the economic well-being of Western nations.   Germany, for example, abandoned  100 coal power plants 2019 and 11 nuclear plants as a climate push following the unfounded science of the Paris Accord targets.  Therefore, by pipeline,  Russia became the primary source of hydrocarbon fuels, particularly natural gas. Putin uses this dependence to fund and weaponizes his atrocities against Ukraine. 

What is LNG?

"LNG is natural gas cooled to minus 259 - degrees Fahrenheit, making it a clear, odorless, and colorless liquid.  The cooling process "removes compounds like most hydrocarbons, water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and some sulfur compounds. The remaining liquefied natural gas is mostly methane with only trace amounts of other hydrocarbons..."

"LNG isn’t just beneficial for our global environment—it’s a wise investment for your business. LNG’s volume has been reduced to 1/600th of its un-liquified state, making it easier to contain and transport. LNG also weighs less than one-half as much as water, so it is lighter and floats on top of the water, making it easier to skim off the top in the unlikely event of leaks or spillage. 

 "The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded: “Power generation based on natural gas offers the flexibility and increased dispatch ability that complements renewable energy power generation.” By incorporating LNG into your operation’s energy mix, you can continue producing electricity when wind or solar resources fluctuate, providing essential power when needed while limiting carbon dioxide emissions.

"This makes LNG an affordable, flexible solution for meeting carbon emission standards in states with even the strictest regulations.://

The impact of losing Russian energy imports on Germany and Europe is terrible and immediate. These countries' lack of natural gas creates an economic and humanitarian crisis this winter.  More Liquified Natural Gas LNG is the only possible solution to the rescue. 

With help from countries like US and Canada, where natural gas is abundant, many will be able to thrive and avoid no heat this winter. If Canada steps up and expands LNG exports, Putin loses, and Ukraine and the rest of the world win.  Yet, Canada ignores the plight of our European friends.



When Trudeau met with Germany's Chancellor, Sholtz, he weirdly showed no interest in helping mitigate the energy crisis in Europe.  Worse, he seemed to misunderstand the ongoing reality of LNG business in Canada today, where at least one new major LNG project is underway in Newfoundland and Labrador with the support of First NATIONS. 

How Trudeau can be so blind to the win-win LNG opportunity during his recent meeting with Sholtz is very disheartening.   He brushes off the LGN potential because there isn't a strong business case.  REALLY?  Here is a report of the meeting.

The head of a substantial European country, under the unforgiving thumb of Vladimir Putin, comes to Canada and asks, “Canada, can you help? You have so much of the stuff that we need so badly. You can short-circuit that awful Putin’s hold over us if you help us.”

But Trudeau is deaf to this request and says only there has "never been a strong business case" for liquified natural gas exports from Canada's East coast to Europe. WOW? Trudeau is either lying or needs to be better informed.  Indeed "when the Chancellor of Germany asks for LNG imports, that is the business case." Rex Murphy. 

According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), Nova Scotia has a resource potential of 120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has a resource potential of 200 trillion cubic feet of gas. That’s enough gas to supply Europe with five billion cubic feet per day for 175 years.


From Atlantic Canada, our theoretical methane molecule would have to travel one-third the distance from the production source to Europe, and the LNG facility would be cheaper to run because of the cooler ambient temperature in Canada. Resource potential is different from proven reserves, but the natural gas potential in Atlantic Canada is immense. The European market is enormous and desperate, and Canada is filling most of the U.S. LNG sales to Europe but receiving one-tenth the revenue. Operating an LNG facility in Atlantic Canada and paying the shipping costs to Europe would be cheaper. Note to Trudeau: We are selling five billion cubic feet per day of natural gas to the U.S. for $10 billion annually. They are liquifying it and selling it in Europe for $100 billion annually. It is unlikely Canada could ever deliver the equivalent energy in green hydrogen. If we could, either half of it would be wasted in fuel cells or create far worse toxic NOx pollution and greenhouse gases than LNG. Do you see the LNG business case now? Justin, it would be best if you listened to your engineers.://

What do you think about this LNG business fact? A major $10 Billion LNG project is now called LNG Newfoundland and Labrador. The CEO Leo Power said, "the project would capitalize on demand from countries including Germany, which he said is looking to diversify its natural gas supply." 

The Miawpukek First Nation has signed agreements to participate in the project. "We believe that the greatest thing that Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador can do to help lower emissions on a global basis is to export mass quantities of LNG." Leo Power CEO.

BC First Nations are on this LNG Canada path.





Trudeau's feeble refusal to lead a significant LNG expansion in Canada is undoubtedly despicable. Trudeau earns this shameful news headline: "Canada is the Most Useful Climate Idiot in the World."  by Ron Barmby, a recognized energy expert  and author of "Sunlight on Climate Change: A Heretic's Guide to Global Climate Hysteria." his country: "Canada is the Most Useful Climate Idiot in the World."  

Vladimir Putin uses the practical term idiots about enemies who, while standing on their self-perceived high moral ground, make idiotic decisions that benefit Russia and unwittingly undermine themselves. Canada has far surpassed the entry-level requirements for that club with its latest climate emergency policy that helps fund both sides of the war in Ukraine, works against reducing ‘greenhouse gas emissions, promotes air pollution, and undercuts Canada’s prosperity. [bold, links added] We are useful idiots on a global scale.  

Natural gas is essential to life and civilization now and long into the future.

How Much Energy Will the World Need?











One million three hundred thirteen thousand two hundred forty-four views Premiered on 28 Mar 2022 Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spearheaded by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task? Mark Mills, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality.

Essential facts about energy.
Here are a few things to consider [bold, links added]:

1. No one has ever proven that increasing carbon dioxide will endanger life on Earth.

2. All plants need carbon dioxide to survive. The more carbon dioxide there is, the better they grow. The level of carbon dioxide now at 420 parts per million is at the low end. Plants need more than that, but a lot is locked up in limestone deposits and the ocean.

10. Eliminating fossil fuels, especially oil, would end life as we know it today. This is a serious matter. The operation of many steel mills uses fossil fuels. Natural gas is the primary source for producing fertilizer. Oil is refined for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other flammable products. It is also the source material for all plastics. So, the following products will no longer be available:

No nylons
No toothbrushes
No pavement highways
No vinyl fences
No vinyl house siding
Many car bodies are made of plastic
No paint
No paint thinner
No electrical wiring insulation
No telephones
No computers
No checkbooks
11. There are over 6,000 things that are made from oil; most of these we use daily.

The Science of Carbon Dioxide


















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