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SAVE Lac La Biche Main Ball Diamond

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We need your help to save our main ball diamond! 

The recent decision on April 6, 2021 from the Lac La Biche County councilors, is to remove the main diamond with the new McArthur Park plans. This decision was largely based on a survey they compiled which had only 297 people completing the survey.  Of the 297 people, 67% did not want the diamond to stay in the location where it has been for over 75 years. In a County of 9836, that is just over 2% of the residents.  We feel the County was not well represented in this matter and would like to present to council a more accurate number of people that want to see the diamond stay where it is.

Keep reading to see the important history and reasons why we believe the diamond is so very important to keep in our community.  

You can sign this online petition, fill out a paper petition at our local supporters; Petro Canada Gas Bar, Lac La Biche Sporting Goods or Lee's Burger Baron; or you can even print off a copy of the petition here SAVEourDIAMOND, sign and collect a few signatures yourself and drop it off at Petro Canada. 

We THANK-YOU for your support!

Here are some details why we believe the main ball diamond should stay where it is:

  • Minor Ball in Lac La Biche needs more diamonds to adequately support youth ball in our community. Yes, there are 3 new diamonds being built at the Bold Center which is great news. However with the definite removal of the 2nd diamond (Main2) at McArthur Park we will have 6 diamonds to use. Each year we require a minimum of 7 diamonds to allow our 13 teams to play on true ball fields. Our association is a member of the Lakeland League which has pre-determined days of weekly play for each Softball and Baseball. They also determine the start times during the week which games are played; due to the geographic size of our league it is not possible to “double up” games each night. Ultimately if the main diamond is removed, we will be even more hard pressed to house our growing number of participants in the LLB Minor Ball Association and its teams regulating us down to only 5 true ball fields.  Not to mention the dimensions of the new ball fields that would possibly restrict  our community from being awarded a Provincial or League based championship.  This would effect our 18U, Junior and Senior ball teams from the opportunity of bringing such prestigious events to a community that has an extremely long history of hosting these events in the past.  
  • Baseball has played a long history in and around Lac La Biche.  The sport has been played in the area for over 100 years, bringing communities together. 
    The estimated date the diamond was constructed (due to the difficulty of finding records) is 1932.  The local team “Lac La Biche Dodgers” (est.1946) originated after the World War II.                                                                                                                              From newspaper articles located from the earliest of 1946 has references to sports days baseball tournaments taking place. The tournaments on the main diamond brought local communities together with Wandering River, Plamondon, Big Bay, Grassland, Brierville and Amber Valley (to name a few) participating and starting some great rivalries.   Sports days tournaments were hosted from 1946 to at least 1965.  The Dominion Day July 1st Ball Tournament hosted from 1949 to at least 1962. Starting in 1964 the Pow Wow Classic baseball tournament, hosted by the Lac La Biche Pow Wow & Fish Derby Association, was a highlight of the August long weekend celebration, drawing huge crowds of spectators. The ball tournaments at Pow Wow Days continued to be a success until a change in direction with the Association. The most recent notable tournaments on the main diamond were Lac La Biche Minor Ball Associations hosting of Baseball Alberta AAA Provincial finals at Mid-Summer Sports Days in 2019.                                                            It has remained in use for the primary purpose of hosting baseball games. The field has served a variety of ball players from recreational, community minor teams, AA teams with a higher level of baseball and a variety of men’s baseball teams including local, numerous Alberta teams, teams from around Canada and some from the United States. Over the course of the 75-year history (that we could find supporting documents) the field has been a focal point for sport and has solidified its role as an important community gathering place.  The long and rich history of baseball in Lac La Biche has created a firm foundation for the success in the continuation of organized sport in our community.
  • The main diamond is situated on very valuable land and is a community landmark. The land has special visual and sentimental meeting that has historical significance; so much so that we recently submitted a nomination for the diamond to be identified as a Municipal Historical Site.  Although the nomination was turned down by council, it will always be a very important historical landmark to Lac La Biche.  You can not change or deny history.
    Documentation from historical maps shows the lands only purpose as a baseball diamond.  A map from 1915 shows the area owned by Hudson Bay Company Reserve and the area is noted as the “Lac La Biche Post.”  It changed hands in 1925 to the Village of Lac La Biche with a special resolution put on the land that the sites only purpose be for “sports and amusement grounds for both the children and the grown-up people residents and visitors”.  The land was transferred to the Town of Lac La Biche in 1965 and was registered as “Historical Land”.  This designation was removed in 1995 and re-designated as a Municipal Reserve.  The land remained registered to the Town of Lac La Biche till the amalgamation of the Town with Lakeland County in 2007 and is currently owned by the Lac La Biche County.

Lakeview Stadium, Dodgers Stadium or simply Main #1…whatever name you refer to the diamond as…help us save the diamond to keep this important landmark in Lac La Biche.

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