NL Board of Commissioners resignation (PUB)

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We the undersigned residents of Labrador request the immediate resignation of all members of the Public Utilities board. We have lost faith that they are acting within their mandate namely in the recent decision to allow the increase of petroleum products up to 30 cents in Zones 10,11 and 12, while other zones within the province have had a decrease in price. 

We feel that this was a decision made without considering all the pertinent facts pertaining to the situation. Both the companies stock pile petroleum products totally of their own choice. Most all other necessities come to Labrador via trucking companies, therefore is a viable supply for these two companies as well.This has been proven in Labrador west as the prices have dropped there as well.

This is price gouging with the PUB ‘s stamp of approval and must not be tolerated as it infringes on the consumers rights for fair pricing.

This situation has also set a very dangerous precedent for future applications to the Public Utilities Board and completely goes against the economic Laws of Supply and Demand.