BBC Question Time plants and bias should be Investigated.

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It is often commented on week after week that when watching the BBC's long running Question Time; it has become more and more apparent when the stakes are really high that there appears to be MP's planted in the audience who are in pole position to sway public opinion and so thwart any impartiality and reflection of a level playing field. why do they allow this to contravene the regulations of the programmee,, its like hiring bounty hunters on a coconut shy,, they need to be forced to identify themselves and should announce who they are and which party they are with and which constituency they are representing.  The programmee planners and the bookers for audience members needs to be investigated for this form of gerrymandering.  There is only one reason why they would keep their identities quiet and thats to give the viewers a FALSE impression of general public opinion,, but it is a loaded and artificially engineered opinion.   Viewers are being duped and manipulated by this dishonesty and cloak and dagger routine.  We feel it has gone beyond a joke.  We need to put pressure on them for real TRANSPARENCY and no favoritism and bias,Question Time either needs to be axed,,, and non celebs should run it,, the unemployed the disabled and the disaffected should be involved. It is having the opposite effect from the objectives it initially set out with.    Tom Wilson.

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