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Remove Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, from the Labour Party to improve electability.

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As a stead-fast advocate of 'right-wing' politics, and ultimately a 'tory' voter in the past, I find myself torn between two parties, each with their own policies that now threaten the various different aspects of our country's future success and prosperity, whether that's economics, foreign relations, defence, or the NHS.

I call for a motion to remove Diane Abbot, an insufferable, incompetent, and straight-out unpleasant woman, from having any form of political office in a potential Labour government. 

Jeremy Corbyn has faced countless attacks from both the Conservative Party and the media, and whilst he has maintained face and withstood the barrage, he has failed, in my opinion, to create a truly serious and electable Labour Party.

This, I feel, is largely down to Abbott, who cannot be taken seriously by any voter with any common sense. The blatant and hysterical blunders she has made in recent weeks portrays, in my mind, someone who is unfit to be Home Secretary. Failing to grasp absolutely crucial aspects that her role as Home Secretary would cover, the biggest being policing, and terrorism. Her general demeanour, and manner with both the media, and on her attempted Labour election campaign seriously discredits the quite positive, and in some cases, desperately needed (such as protecting the NHS), Labour polices.

I call upon the Labour Party, and Jeremy Corbyn to address her failings, and replace her with a more suitable, stronger, and ultimately electable Home Secretary to offer the Labour Party the much needed boost in its opportunity to form a government, or even attain significant political influence. 

The Guardian reads, "Labour’s economic competence likely to be a central issue in the campaign" ( in response to Abbot's blunder on LBC; and I feel to protect ourselves from further 'hits' to the working-class, and middle-class, the Conservative Party needs to be directly confronted by a strong, indivisible Labour Party, and its supports in the general public.

I am prepared to support and vote Labour, if they can assure me that they have the genuine interest in fulfilling their manifesto, and have the strength to replace weak links, to form a strong political party that can potentially help Britain to recover and prosper. 

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