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Stop The Corrupt Labour Party Councillors In Rochdale

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This is a plea from a desperate resident who cares about her town and has had enough of the monopoly that is being maintained by Richard Farnell and Allen Brett. 

I am devastated that Allen Brett has been voted in as council leader. This man has done so much damage to the Labour Party in Rochdale and have always put his interest before anything else. 

What is worse is that he and Richard Farnell maintain their monopoly by keeping some of the most stupidest and clueless councillors in their circles.

It is an absolute mockery of democracy and a mockery of the people of Rochdale who have to put up with this.

As a Labour Party member, I have witnessed for myself how intimidating and nasty Allen Brett is at CLP meetings.

We the people of Rochdale want change, because austerity is really hurting our town. We need councillors who work for the interest of the residents and not themselves.

I would really like the Labour Party to pull its act together and do something about our situation.

There is no room for political debate in the Rochdale Labour Party.

Jacqui Beswick would have been a fresh face, a hard working councillor and electing her as leader would have given Rochdale and its residents a chance to move forward with confidence.

I believe The Labour Party is also encouraging women to be in leadership roles, so precisely what happened in this case should be investigated by The Labour Party.

Allen Brett should stand down as he has strong connections to Richard Farnell who lied through his teeth about his knowledge in the Knowl View enquiry. He has also been very proactive in helping disgraced Simon Danczuk remain in power for so long in our town, which has damaged the reputation of our town and the Labour Party in Rochdale.

He along with many of his pals voted to raise their allowances at a time when austerity is really hurting the people of Rochdale, so precisely how are we meant to have confidence in him as leader?

The simple fact is, The Labour Party is working for Allen Brett and Richard Farnell in Rochdale and not for the many and something needs to change.




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