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We are deeply concerned at the actions of the Labour leadership over recent weeks, undermining the party’s proud democratic traditions with a clampdown on legitimate party discussions and a wave of suspensions of respected CLP officers and members.

At a time of crisis for working people and their families up and down the country, we need a leadership focused on confronting Boris Johnson’s disastrous conservative government and supporting party and trade union members in their struggles. Instead the leadership has issued instructions to CLPs about what they can and can’t discuss and suspended CLP officers for reflecting the wishes of their local party members. It continues to deny Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party whip despite the NEC lifting his suspension.

We are united in our determination to stay and fight for democracy in our party.

We call on the leaders of our movement to:

·        End the attacks on party democracy and legitimate discussion

·        Reinstate the whip to Jeremy Corbyn

·        Withdraw the unjust suspensions

Sign up here to meet other comrades to stand up for Labour Party democracy on February 7th 2021 at 7PM: