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Labour Party Northern Ireland to be given the right to stand candidates in NI.

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Labour Party Northern Ireland (LPNI) are recognised by Labour Party as a CLP (Constituency Labour Party) only, so therefore are not afforded the same rights, funding and support equated with full regional status like Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour.

With 3000+ members we are the biggest party in Northern Ireland in terms of membership (unconfirmed) yet we are not afforded the same rights as Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour to stand candidates in their respective regions.

Why should we have the same rights as Scotland and Wales Labour?

Welfare reforms agreed on and implemented by the mainstream parties in NI have gone politically unchallenged in NI.

People in NI are suffering from Tory austerity voted on and implemented by SF/DUP Executive are not effectively represented politically in NI.

Health service in NI is suffering from ward closures, A&E closures, GP and front line services in crisis, are all politically going unchallenged in NI.

Cuts to social care services in NI are not effectively politically challenged in NI.

It has been suggested by senior people in The Labour Party that we should support/join and/or vote for our "sister party" SDLP. But many of us in LPNI feel this is morally and politically wrong because firstly SDLP still promote the continuing criminalisation of women to abort a pregnancy in Northern Ireland which goes against Labour Party principles of gender equality. Secondly many of us in LPNI feel that SDLP do not appeal to or represent working class people in Northern Ireland, they do not have the ear of nor do they represent many of the trade unions in Northern Ireland and only tend to appeal to middle class nationalists. Lastly SDLP are a nationalist party so have an overriding agenda of the re-unification of Ireland whereas LPNI only agenda is gender, sexual orientation, race and social equality in Northern Ireland.

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