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Jeremy Corbyn to give a statement condemning transphobia in the Labour Party

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Over the past few months, we've seen a horrific rise in transphobia and transmisogyny in the British media and this has been reflected on popular social media platforms. Sadly, some Labour politicians have participated in this and whilst we expect that kind of ignorance from the Tories, Labour should be the natural home for trans people and their allies.

Now, transphobes are urging Labour to deny transgender women the opportunity to appear on all-women shortlists. This comes only a few weeks after trans teenager Lily Madigan was a target for widespread abuse after being elected Women's Officer in her CLP. As a cis woman, I stand in solidarity with trans people and want the Labour leadership to do the same.

The rights of cisgender women and the rights of transgender women are not in conflict. The idea that trans women pose a particular threat to cis women, whether it's in bathrooms or lesbian clubs or prisons, is a myth with no evidence to back it up. Trans women have historically played a significant part in the feminist movement and the idea that genes or genitals alone should determine a person's gender isn't helpful to any woman, trans or not.

The Labour party needs to show that it will stand up for transgender people and that it won't back away from reform of the outdated Gender Recognition Act as the Tories appear to be doing. It would be incredibly helpful if Jeremy Corbyn could make a speech on this issue, and make it clear that people who embark on bigoted crusades against trans people are not welcome in the Labour Party.

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