Bring Labour MPs to account for their damaging actions to our party.

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Please show your solidarity and add your signature in support of this excellent letter from Jewish Labour Party member Zuzana Windle and her husband Councillor Christopher Windle requesting that Ian Austin, Margaret Hodge and Luciana Berger are bought to account for undermining our party Leadership and bringing our party into disrepute.

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A grassroots Labour member.


"My husband and I have been members of the Labour party for many years and today, I write on my husband's and my behalf to make a formal complaint about the MPs Ian Austin, Margaret Hodge and Luciana Berger who we believe are bringing the Labour party and its membership into utter disrepute, as well damaging the Labour party and its leaders by giving malicious interviews to the media, in which they attack Jeremy Corbyn and de facto call him an anti-semite. My family suffered terribly under the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and my grandfather was executed by decapitation in 1943 when my mother was only 4 years old. I abhor any form of racism including antisemitism, however, and as a survivor of Nazi atrocities, I do not believe for a moment that Mr Corbyn is an anti-semite and I fully support his position on the atrocities committed by the Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr Austin, Ms Hodge and Ms Berger are clearly entitled to their views, however, spewing abuse at their leader in the media is totally unacceptable and my husband and I believe that it constitutes a breach of their Code Conduct. If these MPs have a genuine grievance pertaining to antisemitism, or any other grievance, the correct and professional way, in which they should address it is the Labour Party and its officials, not the media. Each Labour MP's prerogative should be to support the leader and help him to get elected so that we can finally get rid of the corrupt Tory government that is leading the country to a catastrophe. By openly attacking and undermining Mr Corbyn and the whole Labour party, to which they refer as antisemitic in the populist press, these three MPs are damaging the Labour party and its members by damaging Mr Corbyn's chances of winning the next general election. As Labour party members, my husband and I ask that disciplinary action be taken against the three MPs and that they stop giving malicious and damaging interviews to the media forthwith.

I had previously complained about Ian Austin and have received no response. Please acknowledge my husband's and my complaint and let us know what action is going to be taken against these unprofessional MPs. I have spoken to many ordinary members about this matter and they all share the same opinion on the unprofessional conduct of these 3 MPs, who are inflicting continuous damage onto our party.The timing for their petty and malicious actions could not be worse, with the prospect of an early General Election being real given the Tories' incompetent handling of Brexit and their internal turmoil.

Yours faithfully

Dr Zuzana Windle and Councillor Christopher