We want proper wages and no exploitation of workers

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My name is kewal Singh Negi .I worked as a Data entry operator in private company near Delhi-Ncr .As a skilled labour working over 10 months but my salary is low Rs 7020 after cutting Of PF from Rs 9500.we cannot survive on these wages.  Minimum Wages in India currently our 2018-19 Quarterly survey in Urban and Annual survey in rural areas shows India has a wage problem that lies (15-20k) especially in the informal sector. 

As per details 93% work under informal sector while only 7% in formal (which enjoy employment &social security benefits). Though Central government proposed The Code of Wages Bill 2017 to reform our minimum wages problem some points of it are such as :-
1. The code ensures minimum wages to one and all and timely payment of wages to all employees irrespective of the sector of employment without any wage ceiling.
2. It introduces concept of statutory National Minimum Wage for different geographical areas. It will ensure that no state government fixes minimum wage below the National Minimum Wages for that particular area as notified by Union Government.
3. It specifies that central or state governments will revise or review minimum wage every five years.
4. Further, the Code on Wages Bill 2017, in the clause 9 (3), clearly states that the Central Government, before fixing the national minimum wage, may obtain the advice of the Central Advisory Board, having representatives from employers and employees.
5. Therefore, the Code provides for a consultative mechanism before determining the national minimum wage.
The apprehension that minimum wage of Rs. 18000/- per month has been fixed for all employees is, thus incorrect, false and baseless as per government press release. The Code on Wages Bill 2017 has been introduced in Lok Sabha on 10.08.2017 and it subsumes 4 existing Laws, viz.
a) The Minimum Wages Act, 1948;
b) the Payment of Wages Act, 1936;
c) the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965; and
d) the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976.
After the enactment of the Code on Wages, all these four Acts will get repealed. The Codification of the Labour Laws will remove the multiplicity of definitions and authorities, leading to ease of compliance without compromising wage security and social security to the workers. Central government already announced a 42% increase in minimum wage in 2016 i.e. In the category 'A' city for unskilled employees it is Rs 523 and for category 'B' & 'C' Rs 431 and Rs 350 respectively.
Centre vs State
Union Ministry also urges State governments to take adequate steps regarding Fixed term employees such as
1. Entitlement under FTEs workers will be entitled to benefits available to permanent workers.
2. Work environment solution to poor work and management.
But as per the current situation in the private sector many employees not getting wages as per directed by the Centre and wage, distribution even in the PSU are also according to minimum state level wages but not according to Centre proposed. Now here we need to understand the minimum wage, subject is defined separately in State and Centre list.
The demands
1. If we demand to make minimum wage an issue of Concurrent list (the power to be considered by both the central and state government), it will help in procurement of Centre policy at state level in more effective way.
2. If any firm is violating the norms of the bill is a subject of offence and issue can be raised in Labour and employment department at state and centre both.
3. We request the labour department to make more inspection regarding wages in private firm. I am also providing the link below through which you can check whether if you getting minimum wages as per the norm or not.
a. https://paycheck.in/salary/minimumwages?fbclid=IwAR3U61TTl78wU3QpJEN0BkIqdjAEvQLoZAiFQ3a1ow0K8QI6uN3p7J42pFE
b. https://dsscic.nic.in/online-complaint-application/onlinecomplaintapplication?fbclid=IwAR0w2fOBS4kYbASyUsOiMsoH8bdYsPAO7E1jZMlhv0erDgVHwgrNjxCI3-Y

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