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Investigate discrimination at the boot camp program. Compensate me

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My name is Michele McCallister and I am and have been a paid member, in good standing of the Laborers Union, Local 89 out of San Diego California. I have worked with more than one contractor and have never been laid off for the inability to perform assigned duties over the last five years. I recently was requested by name, by a contractor for a position as a laborer at a solar plant in Hinkley, California. The offer was timely, as my spouse was about to have a major spinal surgery and this was going to be our only source of income. I was told that I had to complete a boot camp at the Azusa Training campus because of a classification and insufficient number of hours issue. I was not bothered because I had worked several times in a construction environment. This boot camp required that I lift a sand bag, weighing in at 94 pounds repeatedly whilst carrying it 50 feet, amongst other activities, continuously for eight hours, for three days. I am about 120 pounds and was unable to lift the bag. I was failed and removed from the program and was not allowed to accept the job. The laborers union is in direct violation of OSHA's General Duty Clause that states that it is the duty of a place of employment to provide or furnish a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees. If the Laborers Union boot camp is the training facility preparing attendees for a prospective job, it must be held liable and subject to this basic OSHA standard. It is discrimination against women, and discriminates against older laborers who are unable to complete these agility tests. I demand positive change so that women and the elderly can have the opportunity to continue to serve as laborers. This is a clear attempt, by the laborers union to deny working privileges to women and the elderly laborers. This outright discrimination must end.

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