Petition Closed

No surprises, no excuses.

Remember that?

No new taxes.

No change to pensions.

No cuts to the ABC or SBS.

No cuts to education.

No cuts to health.

And now the 2014 Coalition budget breaks the promises the party made to win power.

We call on the Labor Party, the minor parties and Independents to block the budget.

Do not negotiate.

Do not bend.

Force a double dissolution and a new election.

If this budget is allowed through, we will be setting a precedent that a party can say whatever they want during an election campaign and do the opposite once they are in power.

These are not minor transgressions. They are not adjustments around the edges. The Australian people went to the polls and elected a party presenting a false platform.

If Tony Abbott and the Coalition wanted to cut eighty billion dollars from health and education they should have run on that policy and let the Australian people vote accordingly.

Force a double dissolution!

There have been six double dissolutions in Australian history. The last one was in 1987 when the Government of the day tried to introduce the Australia Card - a national identification card.

Australians went to a new election over a national identification card!

The Coalition want to cut eighty billion from health and education.

Increase the pension age.

Cut family payments.

Eliminate the unemployment safety net for people under thirty (six months without payments - how are they meant to eat?)

Remove the cap on university degree costs, ensuring only the wealthy will ever attend university.

And worst of all...

They are attempting to break our universal healthcare system by introducing a $7 fee per visit. No longer will every Australian be able to obtain healthcare paid for with our tax dollars. Our health will be determined by our wealth.

There is no budget emergency. Tony Abbott didn't walk into Kirribilli House and discover a drawer full of unpaid bills. They had access to the Treasury information just like everyone else!

Force a double dissolution and a new election. Let Australians go to the polls to vote on Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey's true plans.

Letter to
Labor Party, Minor Parties, Independents
Pledge to block supply of the Coalition 2014 Budget to bring about a double dissolution and a new election.
Never before have a political party lied so comprehensively before an election in order to win power.
We're calling on the Labor Party, the Minor Parties and Independents to block supply of the Budget. Do not negotiate. Do not bend. Force a double dissolution and a new election so Australians may go to the polls to vote on the true policies of the Coalition.
Do not horse-trade to cut off the most terrible parts of this budget. At best we will end up with half of their horrific plan.
Force the Coalition to go to a new election and present their true policies for the Australian people to vote on.