Lab Unification Through Union

Lab Unification Through Union

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Lab Employees

Why this petition matters

As members of the lab, techs and phlebotmists, we are working face to face on the front lines along side nurses, techs, and CNA's in hazardoud contitions. We are overworked and understaffed. We are not currently being compensated for working the front lines during this stressful time. Compensation for covid ensuring that employees are able to care for themselves during the down time are no longer offered. We are placing others at risk by being allowed to work with positive tests around patients with severe health concerns, infants and the eldery. This petition is being set in motion to allow our voices to be heard concerning the treatment of our staff and to be accomodated in the way deserved for our hard work and dedication to healthcare during this time. 

With the new surges of covid cases from the new varients we are seeing an increase of admissions, being short staffed means longer hours, high levels of stress and further exposure to a hazardous environment.  With this petition, we hope to solidify our team within the legacy lab, lower turnover rates, increase productivity, and continue to build a safe and healthy environment for our team members. 

Joining the union holds many benefits that will help employees. These benefits include but are not limited to: 30% increase in pay.

Better healthcare coverage than in currently offered.


Improved workplace communications

Better trained workforce employees and more. 

By ensuring that our employees are taken care of, we can continue to dedication our lives to healthcare, our friends and families who also serve on the front lines during covid. This change can only come about in a collective effort and willingness of short-term sacrifices for long-term outcomes in healthcare.


Legacy Lab Frontline Workers.

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!