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End the 'not for girls' sexism and offensive sexual 'banter'

For both ladies and gentlemen against the culture and morale of 'lad culture' websites such as Lad, Bible, Unilad and TrueLad.
Saying no to constant discrimination and sexism, turning your back on quotes such as:

"If the girl you've taken for a drink… won't spread for your head, think about this mathematical statistic," they wrote, "85% of rape cases go unreported. That seems to be fairly good odds."

"Rape only happens because lasses can't handle the banter"

.*Disregarding rape jokes as 'banter'
*Abolishing the 'not for girls' attitude'
*Against the attitude that if you're not a lad your probably 'gay' or' pussy'
*Against the idea as woman as transactional objects just for their sexual pleasure
*Trying to bring up gentlemen, not lads
*Educating not discriminating
*Against normalising rape culture, girls as objects 'shag at uni' attitude- 'girls need to be fucked'

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  • Lab Bible, UniLad, True Lad

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