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Reject the "Master Plan"

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Dear BOCC:

The Comprehensive Plan was exactly what it was intended to be:

"a policy document that describes what the county residents want the community to be in the future. It serves as the foundation for decisions about community services and land use."

It has been replaced by a document that apparently will reflect only the will of your (not our) appointed Planning Commissioners, not the needs and wants of the county residents. The chapters on Community Visioning, Sustainable Development, Natural Resources are slated for deletion. Support for key moral values we support in this community have been deemed unnecessary or irrrelevant, including support for multi-modal transportation, affordable housing, health care for our disadvantaged citizens and seniors, healthy living, and local food. Maps that detail flood plain and wildfire hazards, riparian zones and wildlife corridors have been similarly dismissed. The document is a sham. The economic vitality of the county depends on protecting and furthering these community values. 

We, the undersigned, reject this revised Comprehensive Plan, which has been so edited that it is now called a "Master Plan" instead.  It does not reflect the community we want for our future. It reflects only the views of one extreme political fringe, a group that believes that the Board of County Commissioners is somehow indebted to its members. Based on census data, this county is projected to grow to more than 88,000 people by 2035. Planning is needed for this county to thrive as we grow. A good plan should accounts for our natural and developed resources, our watersheds, our economy and potential, and all the populations using this space.

You voted to use our taxpayer money to pay for a $300,000++ public process. We participated in that process in good faith. Then your radical Planning Commissioners threw it all out.  We ask that you join us in unanimous rejection of this Master Plan as presented by the Planning Commissioners: It should not be used to inform development of the new Land Use Code.

The Plan is not our plan. It does not reflect the thousands of hours or true values that La Plata's citizens have put into the process. Your Planning Commissioners do not equally or fully represent us, your taxpayers.

Do you?

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