Help Save Our Food Pantry

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La Jornada is a non-profit organization that provides fresh dry food to more than 7,000 families per week. They have received notice that the CFAP program has been canceled by the USDA and they will no longer be able to provide food for those 7,000 families weekly. 

La Jornada has worked with Together We Can over the last four months providing food to families at the Queens Museum. In total, we have supported over 4,000 families.  La Jornada has been the main food resource in North West, Queens. Unfortunately, La Jornada is in jeopardy of losing their funding from the USDA. By losing this funding, they will not be able to serve families in need.

 We are asking for your help to save our food pantry, so that we can continue to provide food to families in the North West, Queens area. We do not want to stop helping the family in need during this trying time. A signature and a phone call is all is takes to make a difference. 

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