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Impose punishment on the boys who assaulted my child

This could happen to your child too!
My daughter is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. On 9/4/12, she was sexually assaulted at her school, Las Positas, in La Habra by 3 boys from her class. She was cornered in a stairwell by them . This occurred on 2 occasions. I have been requesting punishment for the 3 boys involved and the District Superintendent has refused. I have had several connversations with the Principal, Cheryl Tecker and today I was told by the Superintendent that the assault(s) were not sexual because "the boys did not get any gratification out of it". I filed a police report on Monday, 9/17.

A punishment of at least 1 day suspension and perhaps an informational assembly by the school addressing innapropriate sexual behavior would be a learning tool for the kids. I have requested this repeatedly.

I feel so badly for my daughter and I am angry and frustrated. I am dumbfounded by this; with all of the attention on bullying and bad behavior, not to mention laws that were designed to protect children, my child has been violated not once, but twice and yet no punishment for these 3 boys has occurred. My daughter continues to be victimized by the very people who should have protected her and made her aware that criminal behavior like this is not tolerated.

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