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Fellow Gym Goer's, My Membership was revoked for using gym equipment!

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LA Fitness is a nationally known company that has over 500 locations in the USA to date. This company bought out Bally's Gym and took off in the fitness industry because of the variety of amenities the club offers. Unfortunately, because this is such a large chain with an influx of people  joining for the convenience of access, i.e. location, this gym has steadily degenerated in providing quality customer service and quality care in customer solutions and gym upkeep.This is a BIG issue. This affects current members workout environment, and has probably tarnished the outlook of this facility in the minds of all previous members, and the communities these previous members interact with.

Anyone can go on line and look at the ratings this company has. The highest I've seen to date is 2.5 stars out of 5. One might ask "why does a gym, with so much to offer , still have such low ratings??"... The answer is simple, APPALLING customer service, and horrific management of the clubs. For example, my membership was wrongly "revoked" for accessing gym equipment during the time of a group fitness class. The instructor of the class aggressively and very disrespectfully approached me not once, but twice, about coming in during her slot. While I understand her stance, her approach was unacceptable as an employee and a representative of the club, and her reasoning was irrational because gym equipment that ALL members need, happen to be stored in the same room her class takes place in. If a paying member needs access to gym equipment that their monthly dues fund, they should be able to access such equipment whenever they need it. They should not be rudely told by management to "either wait till the class is done, or come earlier" as a sufficient resolution. To me and to others in the gym this makeshift solution says "we don't care about you, or your needs, and we don't think it's important enough to find a better solution that actually meets a suitable compromise to sustain a positive gym environment. You're just a number". There are so many ways this issue could have been approached, perfect example how about relocating the gym equipment?? Needless to say, I took this to the corporate level and the corporate level could have cared less. 

There are so many accounts online of individuals leaving this chain because of lack of common decency, inappropriate staff behavior, and quality customer care displayed by the entire company as a whole.And this is the big issue; there are no repercussions at this company for employees that lack common decency when interacting with clients, respect for their members, or quality customer service skills. 

But we can change that with your support and signature. This petition serves two purposes today. This petition calls for a sincere, public, written, signed, and notarized apology  from the President of the company to all LA fitness members new and old for allowing the company to continuously provide such horrific customer service, and even worse customer solutions. This apology should include a promise to, From hence forth, employ a better slew of employees who understand and enforce quality customer interactions, service and solutions. This apology should also include a plan of action to revise the company's policies and procedures that actually enforces a mandatory customer service training for all LA Fitness employees at all levels, new and old, along with a progressive disciplinary policy for employees that fail to provide quality care and support to its members. This plan of action should take effect in the next 3 months. This petition also calls for better upkeep and management of the gyms facilities. It should not take MONTHS UPON MONTHS to repair or replace broken equipment, locker rooms shouldn't smell of mold, there should be materials made accessible to everyone in the gym at all times (i.e. mats, plio boxes, light weights, machine handles, etc), cardio room mirrors should not be broken, pool heaters should actually work, and so on and so forth, just to name a few. 

Spend your money on great service not deplorable service. If you'd like to see a change for the better in your local LA Fitness location, sign this petition!!!!

Thank you all.



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