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Town Hall Meeting w/ Directors of LA County's Animal Shelters

Hundreds of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every day in Los Angeles City and County municipal shelters for lack of space, it's GOT TO STOP. LA 4 Animals Foundation recently called for a Town Hall Meeting to the Board of Supervisors who reside over LA County Animal Care and Control. Their response? 'It is an inappropriate forum'. This is America, and it is the exact appropriate forum given the distance the Directors of LA County Shelters keep from the community they serve. You know, those who pay their salaries.

If governing parties don't hear a loud outcry from those they are supposed to be representing, they don't care. It's as simple as that. If all of us push for a public forum to happen, it will open up discussion, answer questions, inspire debate and help the homeless animals yet to come. If those in charge are not doing their jobs, and if the public is not satisfied with their leadership should be found and implemented in those high paying positions.

The Directors of LA Animal Care and Control positions dictate life or death of LA County's lost and homeless pets. In this crisis climate, the leadership of this department should possess the qualities of innovation, team spirit and motivation. Unfortunately for all animal lovers, and especially this celebrated county's homeless animals, what seems to be stuck in place are drone-like fixtures, who are more 'showtime' than productive. More politically motivated than truly caring about animals. IT'S GOT TO CHANGE.

It's the American way to assemble and talk progress. The fact that LA Animal Care and Control 'kill at will', yet are unwilling to meet with the public they serve to discuss improvements is now in the hands of those who want change.

A Town Hall Forum will be sure to get lots of press, what is needed to expose the reality and gain public support to make improvements and changes needed to create a more humane animal care system.

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! This meeting could be a turning point for the shelters of LA County, and save countless homeless pets who will die if we don't address this crisis and band together to stop it. ALSO, PLEASE COMMENT. THE COMMENTS ARE POWERFUL AND WILL BE READ BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. 

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Letter to
LA County Board of Supervisors
Anyone who does animal rescue and knows anything about LA County Animal Care and Control Department feels the Public Servants managing LA County's shelter system have underachieved, to put it mildly.

Under the 12 year reign of Marcia Mayeda, LA County has one of the highest euthanasia rates of adoptable dogs and cats in the United States, yet Director Mayeda receives over $200,000 taxpayer dollars each year. How many complaints have you received about she and her 'team', you've seen petitions with thousands of signatures asking the current leadership to be replaced. There have been lawsuits, even Facebook Pages calling for new leadership and citing infractions. How much is needed to show that this department is substandard at best. If it weren't for the droves of rescuers frantically working every day to save lives, LA County's euth rate would be...I can't even imagine, it is already abominable.

Yet when asked by LA 4 Animals Foundation for a Town Hall Meeting, CEO William Fujioka wrote, 'IT IS AN INAPPROPRIATE FORUM'. Last I knew, this is America.... and the community is being disenfranchised. Is there something to hide? Why refuse the public an opportunity to converse with those in charge of a municipal department THEY PAY FOR!

We are asking that the community be respected and for the Board of Supervisors to approve a forum where the public can ask questions and get answers regarding LA's County Shelters in Lancaster, Carson, Downey, Baldwin Park, Castaic and Agoura. Perhaps those in control can learn something from listening to rescues who work with their system - and others who come and want to help.

This meeting will be constructive and beneficial, most of all, for the homeless pets of LA County. We ask that this be at the forefront of your consideration.


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