The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall is in Jeopardy!

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Another friend of the Trump family has been awarded the mall, it’s an out of town developer from New York with no experience in Los Angeles and with MULTIPLE business ties to Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Trump! The winning bid went to LIVWRK, a real estate developer who specializes in building office buildings and commercial office space. Jared Kushner and his company co-owned many LIVWRK developments in New York.
It has also been verified  that Jared Kushner owns the building their head office is in!

The LIVWRK team selected to design and develop the Baldwin Hills Mall has no current minority ownership as a part of their team and no retail experience.  What does that mean for our community?  Mom and pop shops and local retail are in jeopardy of being non-existent in the new development.

Oddly, the minority teams that submitted bids for the Baldwin Hills project offered more money to build the mall but were rejected in favor of LIVWRK who offered significantly less money.  Something about this doesn't seem right and we need to find out what is really happening with the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall!

Let’s oppose LIVWRK and not allow this out of town developer with long standing ties to Jared Kushner and Donald Trump to take over the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall.

Sign the petition today to stop this hostile takeover of the Baldwin Hills Mall and our community!!