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SAVE RODEO IN LOS ANGELES ~ We are close to 15K Signatures!

Thank you for signing Western Justice’s petition to STOP the BAN on RODEO and RODEO “Like” events in Los Angeles. Our ability to stop this dangerous legislation comes from OUR STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city in the United States. Passage of legislation like this sets a dangerous precedence that will spread nationwide. It is imperative we stop this legislation when it arises, no matter the location. We must not stand idly by while animal extremist groups push their agenda using false and inflammatory information.

Western Justice is a member-based nonprofit C4 organization engaging in political action to preserve the western horse industry, our lifestyle, and the western sporting events we treasure.

Our petition prompted the start of the STOP THE RODEO BAN COALITION comprised of individuals and organizations uniting to ensure our voice is heard. Additionally, we hired a highly respected lobbying firm known for its success at confronting animal extremist groups’ actions and proposed legislation. Western Justice will continue working to stop this ordinance and will update members and supporters of any news and/or pertinent information.

If you are not yet a member of Western Justice please join, please encourage others to join. Preserving our industry’s professions, traditions and lifestyles depend on it.

Thank you!

Western Justice Staff


Western Justice
2 months ago