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July Fourth has come and gone. We can let out a sigh of relief. The storm has passed. Those who have lived here long enough know better. The terrorists won’t stop this year until the weather gets too cold for their fun. Their fun is our collective trauma.

The naysayers were right. No one cares, and nothing is going to change. I reached out to the media, and no one even batted an eye. They refuse to hear or see the bombs that go off in plain view. Why would they hear our screams for help? I wish the naysayers had said our suffering is not real. I want to believe that more than anything.

On June 25th, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer announced plans to curb online sales (not all sales) of illegal fireworks and to start an outreach program to educate the public. I wish I was optimistic. LA is very good at saying the right things but not so good at doing them. The goals of our petition (which haven’t been met) provide the city with concrete steps to end illegal fireworks. Obviously, this is a problem that requires long term solutions. The city has yet to acknowledge the severity of the problem in our neighborhoods of color and to earmark money to help us. This is a quality of life issue.

Based on the number of people who have signed, we must have a made-up problem. I’ve given up trying numerous times already since I started the petition. But when I read the reasons for signing, I know that our collective trauma is real.

So, I am trying once again. I’ve started a gofundme campaign to “bribe” Mayor Garcetti to end illegal fireworks. This is a publicity campaign and helps donate money to spcaLA at the same time. I’ve donated $100 to get it started. I need all your help. Please tell everyone you know and tell them to spread the word, too. Please make sure you have the volume turned up when you watch the video.


If you would like to read my letters to the media and animal organizations, visit @AnneBui7.


Anne Bui
3 months ago