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California Waterfowl Assoc - Please Re-examine Your Opposition to Ferret Legalization

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Since the beginning of our efforts to legalize ferrets in California, one organization has always been there in opposition – The California Waterfowl Association.

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What’s their beef with ferrets?  They’re relying on old and bad information to come up with their conclusion that ferrets in California may become a threat to ground nesting birds or other species should California legalize ferrets.

The California Waterfowl Association is headed by two former directors of the California Fish and Game Commission.  They were at the Commission during the hey days of anti-ferret propaganda.  In decades past the Fish and Game Commission and related agencies put a lot of effort in making ferrets seem dangerous.

The past several years has seen more people become familiar with ferrets.  The concept that our pets attack people, wildlife or agriculture is becoming more and more ridiculous.

Yet the decision lies in the hands of people who rely on bad information and have a different view of what animals are.

Ferret lovers tend to be overwhelmingly pet lovers.  To use ferrets are house pets that we love and dote on.

To people who like to hunt, animals are sport.  Killed and eaten.  Not something to love and protect.

For us to rely on former officials of the California Fish and Game Commission to allow us our pet ferrets would be like California hunters to get their hunting permits from the Humane Society.  It just isn’t fair.

We ask the leadership of the California Waterfowl Association to respect our rights.  You don’t like it when other people try to restrict your freedoms to hunt and fish.  We don’t like it when you try to restrict our right to own a domestic animal. One legal in 48 states.

There is not one documented case where domestic ferrets have harmed native wildlife.  You may have concerns.  But please, research the data.  Ferrets do not pose a threat to wildlife in California.

Please reconsider your opposition to ferrets as legal pets in California.

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