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Please help stop my son being evicted from his recently deceased partners flat

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On January 8th 2017 my son Scott's partner Anna Stenger died from COPD, they had been together for 10 years. Unfortunately due to her illness and her ever increasing fragile state, they did not pay much attention to paperwork and she did not attempt to put my son's name on her tenancy as a partner. Now L & Q Housing Trust where they were residing, want the flat back.

Apart from the fact that they were partners and loved each other deeply, my son was also her carer and nursed her devotedly during this long illness, where year by year she became more weak, even during the last two years when most of the time she was on oxygen and was under the palliative team of Guy's Hospital up until her last breath, surrounded by four machines in her bedroom (she wanted to die at home not in the hospice she was offered). During this 10 years there were times when she was on steroids she would frequently scream at him, throw things at him, act violently and throw him out of her flat.

Once when she threw him out he was sleeping in a van belonging to a friend in the churchyard opposite her block and was picked up by St Mungo's as homeless, they got him a hostel and then temporary accommodation which he accepted just as somewhere to go to get some respite when these situations happened but even then, he always spent his days looking after her,  only going to his accommodation to sleep when absolutely necessary and never really lived there. When he slept there a few months ago for just  two nights he got pneumonia because the place is so damp, as it has been uninhabited for most of the time

As you can imagine my son is in a terrible state he has lost his one true love, apart from that he has recently been attending Guy's Hospital for investigation into suspected cells found during blood tests, he has been told these could a sign of impending cancer. He is waiting for further information from the hospital about this. I really fear for him, he is in such a vulnerable state at present I fear that loosing this flat where they were together will push him over the edge. He only wants to stay there as this has really been his home for the past 10 years and can not move back to his temporary accommodation anyway, due to the state of this place.

The Housing Trust in question L & Q have specialist tenancies for vulnerable people with all kinds of problems such as serious illness, mental problems etc, so they should understand that people in these circumstances do not always look after their affairs like they should do, they will not compromise and have said that they are taking the case to court. I know that it was Anna's intention that Scott should remain in the flat but in the grip of this terrible illness she  overlooked the necessary paperwork.

I think in due of these extenuating circumstances they should think again about their decision and look at all the evidence that he has to say he was living there, letter from neighbours, from the palliative care team, a local councillor, his doctor and in view of all the evidence review the merits of this case.


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