SHSAA: Move High School Football Season to the Spring of 2021.

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Due to the Covid-19, the governing body of Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association, SHSAA has decided to shorten the upcoming 2020 football season. As a result, many student athletes will miss out on a meaningful senior season or no season at all depending on which school division the student athlete is associate with. What is currently being offered as a football season this fall by the SHSAA for our student athletes is without a doubt unacceptable.  The proposal of play falls well below the level of standards that our student athletes deserve.        

This petition seeks for the SHSAA to create an opportunity for high school football players with an opportunity to play a regular season and compete for a Provincial Championship during the spring of 2021. Student athletes have been devastated by having their season shorten, modified and, in some cases, stripped from them by an uncontrollable event.  To not allow them with an opportunity to play football in the spring of 2021 will have ever lasting repercussions for many of them, mostly to their mental health, emotional health, physical health, socialization, overall well-being, and the opportunity for scholarships.

SHSAA do the right thing for our student athletes and move the football season to the spring of 2021.  We owe it to our student athletes to give them a chance to play a sport they love and have been dedicated and committed to for years.  We have the resources to make the move to play in the spring. Without a doubt we owe it to our student athletes if we genuinely believe we have their best interest in mind.