Make it a legal requirement for all pets to be insured

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Hi there, my aim here is to try and achieve to make it a legal requirement to have all pets insured. I work for a charity vets and love seeing the work that we do helping those who can not afford the treatment their beloved pet needs, all we ask of for a contribution towards the treatment of the owner can afford to give. A friend of mine who is not eligible for the treatment at the Pdsa recently had to take her dog to an emergency vet, she had no insurance and could not afford the bill. Which was over £1000, so she had to make the decision to put her beloved pet to sleep. With this being an out of hours service there was no way for her to borrow money due to the time. If only she had insurance which would cover the treatment or at least some of it! I would love to make this happen! It doesn’t cost much a month, it costs less than a takeaway meal! So what would you choose? A takeaway meal or your pets life? Accidents can happen at any time!!! Protect your pet ♥️

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