Better food for LAUSD Students

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The Los Angeles Unified School District's food has gone from bad to worse throughout the years.  Often times the food would look moldy, slimy, dry, and there would even be hair's in it. Students complain on how disgusting the food is presented, and its superficial taste. This results in a lot of food going to waste every day from students playing with the food, teachers throwing out B.I.C. (Breakfast In Class), and avoiding it all together. The campus wildlife would not even dare try to eat it, so why should we? A large majority of the teachers and staff began bringing food for students to eat that was bought with their own money, students brought lunches to eat from home, and others starved until they arrived home after school.

 LAUSD food services meal plan agenda for 9-12 grade is very dishonest, the vending machines have cheap off brand snacks that we pay for tasting old, bitter, and sometimes stale; but teachers and staff get on brand products for a lesser price. Drinks in small bottles for two dollars and energy drinks for almost three, but teachers and staff get sodas for less than two. We do not even get a proper place to eat, so many students find open classrooms to eat in. Most eating areas are outdoors or in the dirt leaving our so called food vulnerable to bugs, and birds that steal your chips.

My previous school district had a much better meal agenda for its students. The breakfast was so amazing that students would get seconds. At lunchtime we would run to the cafeteria pushing, and shoving to be the first in line, and often times students would beg their teachers for a front of the line pass. The meal plan everyday has such a large variety that if you did not like one of the 3 things being served you can either, ask for one of three large salads they are serving , or go to the subway line and have your own sandwich custom made in front of you. They serve juice and three different types of milk so no student is left out on what to drink. They even remodeled our indoor cafeteria, gave us new tables and chairs, and umbrellas for the tables outside.This is exactly what we want, L.A.U.S.D. needs to observe what other school districts are doing and implement that into their own.

To solve this problem, LAUSD needs to provide its schools with a survey on what meal plans the students prefer. They need to change the menu since most of the students throw away the food they buy. Also, LAUSD needs to use fresh ingredients, because the food they serve looks old and artificial. We want more tables and chairs so no one in our school will have to sit on the floor during lunch. They need to listen to what the students want and come up with a solution for students to have a better meal experience at school, because It's not just fake news, it's fake food.


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