Dani Mathers should be arrested for privacy violation

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Aleera De La Keur
4 years ago
She's no different than if a man did it. Charge her...

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Anita Kanitz
5 years ago
The cruel kind people treat you is a statement about them what kind of humans they are being. It's not a statement about you!

Who wants a peaceful world with justice, must work for a peaceful world with justice.

I am a victim of stalkingn cyber stalking, online defamation, cyber bullying. The culprits are unpunished until now. The perpetrators are a heinous australian ex-tenant with bosnian/german roots and his friends.

I was also bullied at workplace and my son was bullied at school.

No one helped us, no one has done anything. All administrative receiver points have failed. In the case of my son teachers, school management, administrative terms, parents' council, lawyers, legal, in my case superiors, personnel office, works and stalking counseling centers.

This is a social indictment and has to change!

No place to bullies and stalkers in this world, do not support these psychopaths and sociopaths. Today, we have to change that, and the survivors of these crimes must get all legal and socially support that is possible.

There is a strong link between bullying and suicide, as suggested by recent bullying-related suicides in the US and other countries. Parents, teachers, and students learn the dangers of bullying and help students who may be at risk of committing suicide.

In recent years, a series of bullying-related suicides in the US and across the globe have drawn attention to the connection between bullying and suicide. Though too many adults still see bullying as “just part of being a kid,” it is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, including suicide. Many people may not realize that there is also a link between being a bully and committing suicide.

The statistics on bullying and suicide are alarming:

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.
Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University
A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying
10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

Bully-related suicide can be connected to any type of bullying, including physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyberbullying, and sexting, or circulating suggestive or nude photos or messages about a person.

Some schools or regions have more serious problems with bullying and suicide related to bullying. This may be due to an excessive problem with bullying at the school. It could also be related to the tendency of students who are exposed to suicide to consider suicide themselves.

Bullying does not just take place in school or at any place where you have to be physically present to be bullied. Unfortunately, there is what is known as cyber bullying. Although this happens with just the computer monitor or a device in front, it is as cruel as any other type of bullying. Some may say that this is not even serious, but cyber bullying can damage a person emotionally and mentally for a long time. What is even worse is that, this can result in suicide. The stories of ask.fm bullying related suicides can prove this beyond doubt.
Take for instance the unfortunate events with Ask.fm Bullying related suicides where seven young people ended their life because of social media bullying.

Ask.fm Suicide Story #1
A 14-year old girl was found hanged in her bedroom after receiving hate messages on her ask.fm page where they told her to cut herself, drink bleach, and kill herself. In this social media platform, the users are allowed to ask questions while remaining anonymous. Although some of the bullies were identified and some even revealed themselves to say sorry, the teenager already took her own life because of ask.fm bullying.

Ask.fm Suicide Story #2
Another young girl took her life after being bullied online. Only 12 years old, the poor girl jumped from the top of a factory located in Florida. She was found dead at the abandoned cement factory one early morning. According to investigations, she endured more than a year of being bullied online. Prior to her body being found, she changed her ask.fm page to “That Dead Girl.”

Ask.fm Suicide Story #3
A 15-year old boy also hanged himself, allegedly because of ask.fm. He was found in Lancashire Village right at his family’s farmhouse dead because of hurtful messages on his page. He was called a freak and was told several times that no one liked him. Some even said that he deserved to have sick things happen to him.

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Michael pizer
5 years ago
It's a invasion of privacy arrest the bitch

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Verna Hawkins
5 years ago
This is against the law and the person who did this ! Should be facing the consequences

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Chelsey Miller
5 years ago
Just because she did not take a picture of this woman and post it on the internet in a sexual way, as say a pervert would, what she still did is wrong and she should be held accountable the same as anyone else. Both intentions are wrong and should be punished. Make her think twice about doing it again.

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Matthew Robinson
5 years ago
Yeah throw the sorry piece of crap behind bars.

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Niki Ferrill
5 years ago
What she did was wrong

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Brittany Tomlin
5 years ago
I personally feel Ms. Mathers has/had many Snapchat followers and was used to getting a lot of positive attention from things she shared on the media platform so she had no second thought about sharing this publicly for a laugh. This is unacceptable. She only thought of the reaction of humor that she would get out of this and disregarded that she violated this woman's privacy and is in fact publicly humiliating her. I feel Ms. Mathers should be given a jail sentence as to be just to the victim as well as to prevent Dani Mathers from pulling up Snapchat or any other social media and sharing something without thinking of others, ever again.

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Rox Anne Gallegos
5 years ago
She is WRONG on so many different levels. !!!!!!!! She violated this womans privacy. WOW!

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Zoey Kim
5 years ago
Allowing Ms. Mathers to not face consequences makes this okay for people to violate privacy rights. Is this something that we condone? This is a public bathroom/shower space where nudity is expected. Does this mean we can take pictures of anyone and comment on their flaws, publicly publishing on social media?