Make the Community Police Forum and Neighbourhood Watches an essential service

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The kzn Government must add Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) to the list of Essential Service.

The CPF in normal circumstances is the essential link between Saps and the community , they are constituted to improve communication between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the community, to promote transparency, and to foster joint problem-solving and co-operation with a view to improving service delivery by the SAPS , to help combat crime and inforce the lock down rules as pre scribed .

In conjunction with the CPF, all NHW must be re called and permitted to operate under the Lock down rule.

The CPF will guide and co ordinate all NHW members.

There Essential Service will help to clamp down on the influx of crime, promote safety and security of all neighbourhoods and give SAPS and Security Services more time to help in the hot spot areas.

The NHW will include the following rules to their patrols.

1. All NHW's will be guided and in communication with their CPF.

2. The NHW will only patrol in their registered areas.

3. Neighborhood watches and CPF patrollers will not share vehicles or alight from a vehicle unless absolutely necessary and specifically geared to protect him/her self and those whom they respond to with the necessary prescribed mask, gloves and hand sanitiser. The patrollers will not be permitted to gain entry into any one's home unless if it's a life threatening situation. The first port of call will always be the SAPS via 10111, medical emergency to a registered medical emergency service and the local security companies who opperate within the defined neighbourhoods and areas of opperation. 


Please sign up to our petition to add the CPF and combined NHW as an Essential Service to help through these uncertain times.