Dear “Prestigious” KYUEM, Lift Miss Selvi’s Suspension!

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Hi all,

Im Syarifah @ Unis from batch 17.0, an ex-student of Miss Selvi (Selvarani Muthiah) and Dr. Peter Dyer and a student during Paul Roger’s reign of headmastership. I start this petition to let the public know of what has happened to Miss Selvi on the 28th of June 2018. Miss Selvi is a dedicated VOCAL teacher at KYUEM, and is loved by everyone at KY. She used to teach Psychology along with Dr. Dyer. The school gave her a letter of suspension at 8am and was forced to leave with two of her children from the college quarters at 12pm. They are not allowed to come back even to take food or belongings. She is not allowed on the school premise even on AWARDS DAY which is on 30th June today. Apparently, she was suspended because of an investigation on her as a parent allegedly lodged a complaint on her and the handling of a Nepal Charity project she initiated with a group of students. But the truth is the management of KY is using this opportunity to suspend her due to her close relationship to Dr. Dyer’s case against KYUEM. Dr. Dyer was unlawfully terminated from KYUEM, and the hearing was held on the same day Miss Selvi got suspended. Coincidence? Maybe not. Dr. Dyer has been vocal against the malmanagement of the College in regards to the previous headmaster which I will not elaborate here as it is a sub-judicial issue. 

The solution we want is to lift Miss Selvi’s suspension immediately. She doesn’t deserve this monstrosity. Do not punish ones who do not deserve to be punished.

We the students of KY know how she is and is deeply concerned about this suspension. We ask KYUEM to consider this petition as our regret towards the management. With no workers’s UNION, who will defend the teachers, janitors, makcik and pakciks working at the Dining Hall?