Ranked Choice Voting For Arizona

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Most cities and counties in the U.S. elect their legislative bodies in winner-take-all elections. The use of at-large winner-take-all elections means the largest group of voters can elect all representatives. Even in single-member wards, however, winner-take-all rules can shut out minority opinion and leave most races noncompetitive. The winner-take-all system also results in lower levels of representation for women and racial minorities. Meanwhile, the use of wards or districts opens the door to gerrymandering, in which politicians manipulate district lines to ensure favorable results.  

The Solution: Ranked choice voting results in more representative democracy, especially in elections with multiple open seats. In this case, elections are at-large (or in multi-member wards), and voters can rank the candidates in order of choice. A like-minded majority of voters will elect a majority of seats, and any group comprising 25% of voters will elect about 25% of seats. The power to rank candidates minimizes “wasted vote” and frees voters to indicate their sincere first choice, second choice and so on.  Nearly every voter ultimately will help elect preferred representatives. Every election is likely to be meaningfully contested, and representation more reflective of the electorate.The latest voting technology can accommodate ranked choice voting, thus removing a historic barrier to its use. Cities can enact the system or request their state to allow them to enact it.

I petition that we create a ballot initiative that will get Ranked Choice Voting in Arizona!

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