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I have received a request from one of  my petition supporters to start a new petition to help the abused animals in Greece.

As Greece is quite an impoverished country and many animals have been discarded and thrown in rubbish dumps as babies, or drowned, as people face terrible hardship and cannot afford to keep feeding them. They could however, take them to rescue centres instead. However i now hear that these centres are horrendous and they should be called ABUSE CENTRES,

There are laws in place which are supposed to protect these animals but as usual they are not enforced, therefore the abuse continues unpunished.

Sadly, many animals perish living in the wild.

I have read recently, that there is  a case of a cat with a crossbow arrow through its  head and, a dog that was thrown off a cliff by 3 men laughing..

My own experience of Greece was when i went for a holiday to Crete about 16 years. ago and there was a small monkey chained to a post on the beach and a man was asking people if they wanted a photo taken with the monkey, like animal tourism.

Greece tries to give the impression that it is a country that cares about animal welfare but this not the case and it needs highlighting for all to see!

!There is a Greek  man  called Takis  who used to be a dentist and he gave everything up to take in every animal he could find abandoned HE NOW HAS 200. What a hero! and i believe he still does this with the help of donations.

Please support this very worthy petition so that many more animals in Greece can have safe lives. Thankyou.