Remove the sexist dress code for women at cms

Remove the sexist dress code for women at cms

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Started by No No

"Made From A Female"

The dress code for women is extremely sexist and needs to be changed now!

"The body shall be adequately covered. Clothing shall not expose the chest, abdomen, back or buttocks area, and shall be sufficient to
conceal undergarments at all times all tops must have straps on the shoulders that are wide enough to conceal undergarments".

 We see at school boys with their pants down to there knees but when the teachers see a females bra strap its a problem.  We never see any students complaining about another students outfit its always the teacher pointing out how they can see the females buttocks or bra strap/Cleavage. We are not looking at that stuff it is the teachers who are "distracted" by the outfit of the student. If  a male came to school in a tube top it would be perfectly fine because they don't have "Breasts". I don't understand how a females shoulders are distracting anyone from there learning its the same as a male wearing a tank top. Holes in a females jeans showing their thigh is not distracting at all.


19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!