Petition Update

Hurry up! The last episode airs, it's show down time!

S. Lumasy

Sep 25, 2013 — Come on! We'll work it out! We've already achieved a third of our goal! Today the last episode airs but unfortunately the petition to get a 2nd season stagnates a little! But I really want to show Kyoto Animation how successful this petition is! Let's share it more, please!
You're amazing, keep going! We'll accomplish our goal to get a second season with your help! Tell your friends to sign it, please! Today the last episode airs, we need to hurry as long as people watch Free!.
It'll get harder to convince people once they don't speak about Free anymore because it ended. So hurry!! Spread it as long as it's fresh!

Additionally, I've found another way to contact Kyoto Animation: Their Youtube account: