Help Delay Parole for the Murderer of Our Loved One

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I am writing this petition to show the Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy, that Lloyd (Offender # 412619) should NOT be granted parole. On October 09, 2001, he brutally murdered my sister after she attempted to initiate their break-up after two years of emotional and physical abuse. He stabbed her a total of 13 times and barricaded the apartment door to prevent anyone from coming to her aid. He ignored Elaine’s best friend’s frantic pounding on the door to let her in as she heard screams coming from within the apartment. The police arrived too late to help. My sister's life ended at the young age of 19.

 Lloyd was charged with first degree murder but plea bargained to 15-30 years for second-degree homicide (the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another). He has filled his 15- year minimum requirement plus an additional 18 months after we successfully convinced the Parole Board to keep him longer. This time however, we lost  because he received good markings - “recognizes the value of good behavior”, “completed vocational training/counseling/education”, etc.

 We understand that some people have the tendency to change, but several studies indicate that programs may have little effect on the attitudes and behavior of perpetrators. Some may become more sophisticated abusers, resorting to tactics other than violence in order to keep from being arrested but still maintain control over their partners.

 Since this has happened, her close friends and family have dealt with the overwhelming grief of missing someone who was taken much too soon. Lloyd, however, who is now only 35 years old will have the rest of his life to live in freedom. We’ve suffered from nightmares, long-term bouts of anxiety and depression, destructive ways of coping, and the daily dread of his inevitable release. Currently our family feels safe while he is in prison and now that comfort will be taken away.

We explained all of this and more to the Parole Board and yet they voted to release him. Is this someone you’d like living in your neighborhood? How about around your loved ones?

Please sign this petition if you feel a deliberate murderer should be kept in prison where he belongs.

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