Demand Justice for Hassan: Overturn his Wrongful Conviction

Demand Justice for Hassan: Overturn his Wrongful Conviction

February 1, 2022
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Started by Candy Rizk

We come to you with this Petition Asking for your Compassion in Support of an innocent man who is serving life in prison. Mr. Hassan M. Rizk is in Dire need of your help and Assistant in overturning what can only be described as a true Travesty of Justice.

We the People Call up on and Urge the Michigan Attorney General, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit to expedite the investigation into the Wrongful Conviction of Mr. Rizk in Case Number 05-011168. It has been, four long years since the exculpatory evidence was discovered in his Case and turned over to the above mentioned agencies, who have yet to take the much needed steps in order to try and right, what is clearly wrong.

Hassan has already been Robbed of what amounts to half of his life, 17 long Years away from his Family & Loved ones. We are Asking for your Support by Signing this Petition that demands the Wayne County Prosecutor and the Courts take timely action on his Motion of Actual Innocence which has been pending in the Court for over four years.

Seventeen years ago on the night of July 8th 2005, Hassan was working the nightshift at a gas station on the East side of the city of Detroit; (one of the most dangerous area in the State of Michigan). On this particular night business was slow, so he took it upon him self to do some cleaning, stocking and/or restocking of the shelves and coolers. He then, decided to finish by sweeping the parking lot. Hassan had left the store unattended, went to the alley behind the store to discard trash and empty boxes. Noticing that the dumpster was overflowing with old boxes, He decided to climb up and jump on it, in order flatten it to fit more.

When he was done, he headed back to the front of the gas station. It was at this time that he discovered that someone was lying down right next to the side walk on the far-end of the parking lot. When he got even closer, he noticed that there was blood coming from underneath of the individual. Immediately, Hassan picked up his cellphone from his waist, called 911 and relayed what he was witnessing to an operator. She told him that: the police were on their way. So, after twenty five minutes the police still a no-show, Hassan called again. This time the operator told him she wasn't able to find the address for the gas station on their database, so he gave her the address again and waited. Fifteen minutes later, and still no DPD. Mr Rizk called for a third time, and the operator informed me that they are on their way.

When the DPD finally did show, Hassan knew a few of the officers, so they shook hands, and they proceeded to asked him of what had happened. Mr Rizk explained that he did not see nor hear anything, as he was in the coolers and out-back in the alley breaking down and discarding boxes. Knowing that he had nothing to hide and wanting to be of help in anyway he could, when they asked him for a statement, he was more than willing to give it. They then asked if he be willing to volunteer and submit to a gunshot residue test. His answer was "of course". They wanted permission to search the store, so without a question Hassan gave it to them, and when they were finished he was able to go home a free man.

Days later the Detectives called him to come downtown Detroit for some follow up questioning. So, about an hour into their questionings, He was told by the Detective that they knew that he had nothing to do with this murder and that the interview was merely just a precaution. They stated that: they think the murder was about a drug deal that went wrong, so once again Hassan was free to go home.
However, as fate would have it, a few days later he ended up being arrested and charged with first degree premeditated murder. Apparently, a local drug addict told the police that she saw Mr Rizk commit this murder. Once charged, Hassan was afforded an attorney. Being confident in his Innocence, the only choice he had was to go to trial. At trial, 9 Hours of video footage from the inside of the store was played for the jury. None of it depicts Hassan with a gun, touching a gun, being around, having a gun and definitely not shooting anyone. The strategy of the Prosecutor in order to establish it's Premeditated Murder Charge was that: in the 12 seconds walk from behind the bulletproof counter to the front door, is the time that Mr Rizk had planned (Premeditated) this murder in his head.

However, the crux of the case rested on the testimony of the two alleged eye witnesses, who both have two totally different accounts of the incident, and two different descriptions of what Hassan was wearing and what he looked like on that night. Furthermore, neither of their stories match the camera footage from that night. With one witness admitting that she hadn't slept in days and was high on crack cocaine, drunk, and smoking weed. We also learned that: the Prosecutor arrested and held this witness for 4 months, ensuring that she will show up to testify at Mr Rizk trial. Further testimony revealed that this same witness was threatened by the prosecutor that: if she didn't testify then she would have to serve a lengthier sentence for another crime. This all can be found on record in the transcripts.

While the other witness testified that: she came to a window at the store on the outside and got change for a bus ride (Yet there was No window in the store that is Accessible from the outside). She also testified that: there was another white Caucasian looking male behind the Counter with Mr Rizk, (Video Clearly Doesn't show anyone). She also claimed that her 15 Year-old son was with her on the night of the incident, yet she would not allow the detectives to interview him to get a statement.

After 7 Exhausting days of trial, Mr Rizk was found Guilty and Sentenced to Life in Prison. And after ALMOST Exhausting all of his remedies on appeal. Hassan hired a well known and well respected Private Investigator from the city of Detroit by the name of Scott Lewis. Mr Lewis had direct contact with one of Detroit's most infamous Serial Killers, Shelly Brooks (Aka the East side Killer). Mr. Lewis interviewed Brooks and was able to Obtain an on the Record Confession along with a signed Affidavit detailing Mr Brooks' reasons and motive for the murder.

Shelly Brooks is Credited with 13 murders yet only Convicted of one. After his arrest in 2006, he was questioned by Detectives. It was during his questioning that he confessed to several other murders including the one which Hassan Rizk currently serving life in prison for. Mr Brooks' questionings took place long after Hassan incarceration and conviction. Yet, the detectives and prosecution who handled Mr Brooks case didn't feel it was necessary to inform Mr Rizk or any of his attorneys that: someone (Mr. Brooks a Serial Killer) whom he have never met or had knowledge of, had admitted and Confessed to the murder for which Hassan have, for years been maintaining his innocent of.

In 2018 Mr Lewis provided Mr Rizk of his findings from the investigation, Mr Rizk then filed a Motion for a New Trial Based on Actual Innocence and Newly Discovered Evidence. Subsequently, Hassan was notified that the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), which is headed by Ms. Valarie Newman is suppose to be investigating his claims. However, after making numerous attempts requesting the status and the findings of the CIU, Hassan has been left in the dark as all of his letters and calls have gone unanswered. Therefore, Hassan felt that he was left with no other choice but to refile his motion in the trial court.

Thus, it's been 4 years now since Hassan initially filed this information in Court, yet still, there has been no acknowledgment or action of any sorts on his attempts to contact the Wayne County Circuit Court. So, a few weeks back when Hassan called the court to check on the progress of his case, the Clerk of the Court had blatantly told him that: the motion that was filed over 4 years ago, a case involving an absolutely INNOCENT man, with NO motive and NO reason to commit this heinous crime and who is WRONGFULLY convicted and imprisoned for Life on a murder that someone else has confessed too. While the prosecutor and police department made a decision to keep this critical information a secret for over THIRTEEN years. His Case and his Life: "IS NOT A PRIORITY DUE TO COVID." The CIU has the power and responsibility to make things right, however they just sit there and drag their feet.

We are not just asking, but begging for any help you can offer, it will help shed light on the injustices Hassan has been suffering since being wrongfully convicted. We are confident that if we can just get a little public attention and support that will help bring some awareness to this miscarriage of justice that he has fallen victim too, that would help put some pressure on the court to act fairly and in a timely manner his situation. Hassan is not just claiming what is mentioned above, he has transcripts, evidence and video footage that will corroborate all of the claims of injustice that he has been suffering for the past 17 years.

We want you to know that: If Hassan is Released, he will come Home to a full employment and he will serve as Ambassador and Advocate to all who has wronged and wrongfully convicted. He will also use his story as a cautionary tale to save the lives of young Men and Women. As he has been Inspiring to many while mentoring numerous prisoners over his entire time he has been incarcerated Please Support US to Free Hassan Rizk #598153.

In closing, On behalf Us who is supporting Hassan of his efforts to gain his freedom and on behalf of Mr Rizk We want you to know that WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU taking the time to read this story. We THANK YOU for your support and signature. If you have any questions or need for further information, Please don't hesitate in contacting Hassan on Hassan Rizk MDOC # 598153 or at the address below.

Sincerely, Hassan M. Rizk

Hassan M. Rizk
MDOC #598193
Richard A Handlan Correction Facility
1728 W. Bluewater Hwy.
Ionia, MI 48846.

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