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A petition for Illinois to pass a General State budget!

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I, Bryon Pierson, am calling for an end to the budget stalemate in Springfield. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been arguing and bickering for too long, and it is time they come together and unite to end the stalemate. I am not singling out the left or the right, but both sides of the political aisle have not done their job when it comes to serving us, their constituents. 

Healthcare, schools, and social programs have all suffered because of the extreme partisanship and lack of progress in Springfield. How long before more social programs are cut? School funding is delayed even longer or cut all together? Healthcare systems begin to suffer? Time will only tell, and right now with the budget problems and the stalemate, Illinois is ticking time bomb ready to implode. 

I love this state, and do not want to see it fail. It is my home, and is many of yours as well. Jobs and people are fleeing at an unprecedented rate, taxes are skyrocketing with more potential increases on the horizon. What have we got in return from the high taxes? Nothing. The power in control want a tax and spending policy, and who suffers form this? Each and every one of you, and each and every of your friends, family, and loved ones that call this state home.

This deep passion and love for my home is the reason I am calling for a petition to end the stalemate in Illinois, pass a balanced budget, and oversee progress going forward. To those in Springfield, quit the partisanship and come together and do your job, or we will use our given right to vote and find someone who will.

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