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Less Homework for Students

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Decreasing the homework load is essential for students' success. Many students who take honors or AP courses can sometimes have 30-60 minutes of homework per class per night. In addition, some of this homework may not actually be beneficial. For example, if a student understands a math concept, but is struggling with a history lesson, that student may spend a half hour doing math homework that is just busy work, while not spending enough time on learning the material for history. Time is a valuable commodity, and that is especially true for high schoolers. Lots of homework can stress students out because they may be taking multiple honors or AP classes, each with a substantial workload. In order to perform well in these rigorous classes, time must be devoted to improving students' learning, not wasting it by giving students unnecessary and time-consuming assignments. In addition, many students are involved in sports and extracurricular activities that require large time commitments, as well as many high schoolers who have jobs. If teachers can cut back on homework that is excessive and not completely necessary, students can devote more time to strengthening the areas where they are not as strong, and they will get more time to study, which will help increase the grades of tests. If students are able to focus more on the areas where they need more attention, they will be more well-prepared for large assessments in the classes that they struggle in more than others. To conclude, students will be able to focus on the classes that they need more help in, as well as having less stress and improving grades on assessments, by having less homework to do each night.

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