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Require Juveniles in KENTUCKY to register as SEX OFFENDERS

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Studies show juveniles ages 13-17 are responsible for approximately 20% of all rapes and 50% of all child molestations in the US. Wouldn't you like to know who those juveniles are?

When most people hear the word sex offender or child molester they conjure an image in their head of a middle aged man with greasy hair and beady eyes. People do not realize that there are sex offenders in our schools toting backpacks and looking just like every other teenager. People are not aware that they could be living right next door to a sex offender because juveniles adjudicated on sex offense charges in juvenile court in Kentucky are not required to register as sex offenders.

Studies have shown that juvenile sex offenders who receive rehabilitation services are less likely to re-offend, but since there are no guarantees, awareness is imperative. The only way to ensure that your child never becomes the victim of sexual abuse is to not grant an abuser access to them. The only way to do that is to require juveniles to register as sex offenders. Juveniles should not be treated the same as adult offenders. They should be viewed as even more dangerous because they blend in with the crowd. They look just like the teenage kid that you pay to mow your lawn. But they are every bit as manipulative as adult offenders and the abuse suffered by their victims is every bit as traumatic.

It is impossible for parents to protect their children from juvenile offenders in Kentucky because state law does not allow public disclosure of said offenders.

Please sign this petition urging Governer Beshear to pass a law making it mandatory for juveniles to register as a sex offender in the same manner as an adult would have to.

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