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Bring Pictures Back To KY Prison Visitation

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Men and women who are incarcerated NEED to feel human and loved to rehabilitate. Taking away visitation pictures away punishes innocent families and children as well as the people you are trying to return to society. Those pictures are SO important because they give inmates something to strive for on hard days. MANY times I have heard people say what keeps them on track is their family and visitation with them. Taking away pictures makes keeping those memories harder. Especially of it is of a person who can only visit rarely or a relative that has died. Pictures were removed with no explanation and no reason at all. We are asking that you bring them back. If you don't want to do it for the inmates, do it for the kids who wonder why they can't have a picture with their loved one. How would you feel of you were unable to have pictures with your wife and children? This is about helping kids and families feel normal and inmates feel human.

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