Attorney General Kwame Raoul: repeal Jason Van Dyke's lenient sentence #Justice4Laquan

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Former Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke went out on the night of Oct 20, 2014 with the intention to kill. Just seconds after arriving on the scene, Van Dyke unloaded 16 shots into Laquan Mcdonald's body. This horrendous murder and the subsequent cover up exposed the criminal justice system for what it is: a rotten institution designed to oppress and exploit Black and brown people. The relationship between City Hall, the Fraternal Order of Police, and CPD enables police officers to commit crimes with impunity. 

Van Dyke's 81 month sentence is an outrage that clearly demonstrates that this system is still trying to protect this killer cop. 81 months is not justice for Laquan Mcdonald.

Attorney General Kwame Raoul's office announced a review of the “record and the law” in the case. Judge Vincent Gaughan’s reckless disregard of the decision of a duly impaneled and sworn in jury of 12 citizens who found Van Dyke guilty of second degree murder and 16 separate counts of aggravated assault which carried as a minimum a sentence of six years. In other words, Van Dyke was facing a minimum of 96 years because of the heinous nature of his crime. It was as the jury intended. However, Judge Gaughan decided to throw out the jury’s verdict, and not abide by mandatory sentencing standards based on his whimsical interpretation of his legal powers as a Judge. And this is precisely what Attorney General Kwame Raoul is challenging.

We are urging Attorney General Raoul to investigate the sentencing, and we support all efforts to ensure Van Dyke is held accountable for his crimes.

We also NEED folks to call the AG at (217)782-9394 to express their support!