Keep Schools Safe and Equitable for All!

Keep Schools Safe and Equitable for All!

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Education Justice Coalition started this petition to KUSD School Board

The recent incident at Lincoln Middle School, where a KPD officer violently restrained a young student by placing his knee on their neck, is completely unacceptable. Our country has recently witnessed the tragic consequences of this method of restraint and police departments, including Kenosha, have vowed not to use this barbaric maneuver. There is no circumstance in which such restraint is ever acceptable in our schools.

We believe that every child, whatever their color, background or neighborhood, has the right to learn in a supportive environment that respects their humanity, upholds their dignity, and ensures just responses for mistakes and missteps.

There are students in all schools who exhibit disruptive or aggressive behavior which is a form of communication about underlying pain and issues that need to be addressed. However, in KUSD, some law enforcement officers have, instead, intervened impulsively in ways that have further harmed Black and brown children.

That’s why we are coming together - parents, teachers, and students, Black, White, Latinx, Asian, and American Indian - to reimagine Kenosha and demand safe and equitable schools for all our students and teachers:

  • We demand that KUSD leadership permanently remove this officer from Kenosha schools;
  • We demand that our school board change its policies to require that all adults in our schools create meaningful relationships with our kids and a safe environment, including by participating in de-escalation training;
  • We demand that our school board require all KPD officers (serving in both official and off duty capacities) in Kenosha schools undergo mandatory Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) training, a safe, non-harmful behavior management system;
  • We demand that our school board ensure that every student is able to grow and pursue their dreams by implementing restorative justice practices in every school;  
  • We demand that every school administration create structures that include, uplift and empower student voices;
  • And we demand that our leaders in the State Legislature use Wisconsin’s surplus to deliver the mental and general health practitioners, counselors, psychologists, social workers, school nurses and other specialists our students need.

We know that when we join together, we can reimagine Kenosha and demand schools treat all our children with compassion and equity, nurturing a love of learning and meeting childhood mistakes with the proven approaches that help kids grow.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us by:

  • Signing the petition to support our demands;
  • Save the date for a community town hall on Friday, April 1;
  • Join voters across Kenosha on Tuesday, April 5 to elect school board members who will create safe and equitable schools where all children can learn, grow, and thrive and where every educator feels safe and supported.

The Education Justice Coalition

The EJC was formed with the purpose of uniting parents, students, educators, and community members to drive the transformation of public education in Kenosha Unified School District, shift the public debate, and build a local movement for equity and opportunity for all.

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